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Blaine Harlow Baker

QeepR Code Order Form

QeepR Codes are unique QR Codes printed on a plaque with a durable adhesive backing to be placed on a monument. QeepR Codes are made-to-order and customized in your choice of material, size, colour, and shape. Whether it be for a traditional or modern headstone, an urn, mausoleum or public memorial, we can create the perfect fit.

Choose from the following options to customize a QeepR Code:

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Blaine Harlow Baker's QeepR Code

Product Description:
  • Aluminium
    • Thickness: 6mm
    • Aluminum alloy
    • High impact strength
    • Lightweight
    • Flame retardant

Unit Price: $ USD
Price: $ USD*

*All taxes included

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What is a QeepR Code?

QeepR Codes use modern barcode technology of the QR Code. When scanned with any smartphone or tablet, the QeepR Code will instantly direct the user to your loved one’s Qeepr profile. We understand that monuments are absolutely personal and last a lifetime, so our QeepR codes are customizable, removable, and will withstand all weather conditions.

Blaine Harlow Baker's QeepR Code

Print and Share this QeepR Code. People who scan your code will be redirected to your Qeepr Site to learn more details about your life. You will be able to send condolences and stay in touch with the rest of the family.

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