About us

What is Qeepr.com?

Qeepr is a social media site dedicated to memorializing the lives of the departed with the aid of modern technology: the QR code. By placing a QR code on a gravestone, urn, or other monument, you will allow others to discover your lost loved one’s story. Create a profile where friends and family can leave condolences, upload photos, like, share, comment, connect, and remember those who are dearly missed. Whether you would like to share these memories with the world, or with a few close relatives, Qeepr’s platform is secure, simple and flexible.

The Story Behind Qeepr:

While visiting my grandfather’s grave, I came across another man’s columbarium that contained a CD with the words “dad’s work” written on it. Intrigued, I reached for my phone and tried searching for his name online but nothing came up: no obituary, no Facebook profile, no photos. Was he an author? A photographer? An engineer? I would never know the possible contents of that disk or the story behind the name. All I would know about this man was his date of birth, date of death and the “dash” in between.

This experience made me recognize that: 1. Funerary and commemorative practices have remained stagnant over time, and 2. Current platforms are extremely limited: online obituaries and guestbook content disappear after a year, and current social media sites do not offer the necessary support and tools to commemorate a departed.

The Qeepr Team has since created an interactive story-telling platform that allows you to fill in the “dash” with memories, messages, photos, smiles and laughter. You now have the ability to become a Qeepr to preserve and share the legacy of your predecessors. Instead of just visiting your grandfather’s grave and reminiscing on vague memories, you can create an eternal sanctuary full of vivid moments that will never be lost.

Become a Qeepr and see for yourself.

Our Features

What is a Qeepr?

More like Who! You become the Qeepr of the loved ones profile that you create. As a Qeepr, you are responsible for entering their personal history, uploading their photos and videos, and creating their Family Umbrella. You can change or add information about their life-story at any time. Qeeprs also have total control of who can visit and post on their profile. View your privacy settings for details!

QeepR Code

QeepR Codes use modern barcode technology of the QR Code. When scanned with any smartphone, the QeepR Code will instantly direct the user to your loved one’s Qeepr profile. We understand that monuments are absolutely personal and last a lifetime, so our QeepR codes are customizable, removable, and will withstand all weather conditions.

Order your QeepR Code Here.

The Family Umbrella:

Qeep your family close (and dry!) by adding them to your Family Umbrella. This feature also allows you to make new connections easily by finding relatives through the Qeepr database. Map out your genealogy and generations to come will never forget their roots.


Store photographic memories of your lost loved one in the Mementos page. Family and friends can like, comment, share, and add their own photos as well. This feature allows you to Qeep all the memories of those who have passed forever.