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Create a free online memorial for a friend or family member
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Qeepr online tributes are a simple way
to ensure a loved one's legacy lives on(line) forever.

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We respect the memory you're preserving.
Qeepr online tributes are free forever and you can make it public or private.

Creating Free Online Memorial Sites is Simple


by adding some basic information


videos and life history


and allow others to collaborate and pay tribute


for precise cemetery directions

More than an Online Obituary - An Interactive Memorial

Once created in 3 simple steps, your tribute will be available online and through our mobile application.
You can invite collaborators to share their photos or videos
and allow friends and family members to send condolences via the built in guest book.

Qeepr Interactive Online Memorials

Our Free Memorials Allow You to:

  • Add Unlimited Pictures and Videos
  • Send and Receive Condolence Messages
  • Share with the World or Keep it Private
  • Receive Directions in a Cemetery
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Write Out Your Own Legacy

Be remembered in your own words

Qeepr gives you the capability to record your personal life history.

Write out your best memories in an autobiography, plot your family tree, and mark all your important milestones and accomplishments.

Easily assign someone you trust to publish your online memorial on your behalf, using our secure and private process.

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Qeepr Family Tree

Enhance Your Tribute Site with a Family Geneology Tree

Map out the genealogy of your family so generations to come will never forget their roots.

Make new connections or invite family members to help fill in the family tree. It's the easiest way to share your family story online.

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Allow Your Loved One's Memory to Live On

Keep your loved one's memory alive forever by allowing others to discover their important life history and genealogy in an online memorial. Don't let their story be limited to the name and date of death shown on their monument. Have their story told through a biography, milestones, and unlimited images and videos.

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Go Mobile for Enhanced Memorial Features

The Qeepr Mobile app includes all the photos and memories of your loved one's memorial, while adding additional features to your tribute. Use Qeepr mobile to geotag the location of the monument so others can receive detailed directions within the cemetery or mausoleum.

The QFind function allows users to take a photo of the physical monument and be automatically brought to the interactive memorial.

Available for Android and iOS devices, the Qeepr Memorials mobile app is the best way to create, manage and augment online memorials from your phone or tablet.

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